Bottle Warmers

Best bottle warmers! Bottle warmers are a necessity for any parent who is bottle-feeding their baby. Whether you're feeding your baby formula or breastmilk, a bottle warmer can ensure your baby's bottle is ready faster and at the perfect temperature! No dangerous hot spots or scolding your forearm while baby wails in the background for their feed. All precious vitamins and minerals remain preserved when using a bottle warmer as you cannot overheat their bottle. A baby bottle warmer takes away all the stress and guess work and does the job for you in a matter of seconds. Most bottle warmers double up as a steriliser so you can use it for sterilising baby's bottle after use. A portable bottle warmer allows you to take baby's bottle on the go so you can heat their milk up when they are hungry. Bottle warmers can also be used to heat up purees in glass jars.