Playmats are the perfect way to liven up your toddler play area or baby nursery! Play mats are a cushioned soft surface for you to place baby safely so they can play. Baby play mats are often used during crucial tummy time. Baby play mats are often wipeable so they are easy to clean after any accidents. Baby floor time is important for their development and an added bonus they are soft for you to enjoy floor play time as well. Reversible designs allow you to flip the play mat from fun and engaging to neutral and modern which looks right at home and visitors won’t suspect your super stylish mat is baby proof! You can use your wipeable playmat under the highchair to make clean up when starting solids easier. Play mats are suitable for babies from birth onwards using a soft mat allows babies to explore their surroundings and start to use and explore their primary circular reactions. This is where babies begin to realise that doing something causes a reaction, such as pushing a toy. Grasping at toys or images on the playmat is another early development that baby uses. Placing toys on the play mat allows baby to practise reaching and grasping while being on a safe and protective area. Learning to crawl on a soft baby play mat as the bright engaging colours encourage crawling and movement as baby grows their urge to investigate objects and is stimulated by the layout of the mat